Lim, Eugenia

Eugenia Lim was born in 1981. She works in video and other media forms. She is a founding member of Tape Projects (MELB), an artist-run initiative dedicated to the proliferation of high-calibre experimental audio-visual art. In 2009 she will travel to New York for a residency with Share, a collective of sound/ video artists. Lim lives and works in Melbourne, Australia.

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Through my work, I explore race, identity and representation. Like many Australians, I am the product of multiple cultural influences – this tension is often implicit or explicit in my work. For the past ten years, I have explored cultural mythologies of East and West through video, photography and increasingly installation, referencing the languages of cinema and popular culture. I am equal parts infuriated and intrigued by cultural stereotypes or depictions of “the other” in popular media and it is this dual sense of anger/wonder that I channel into my own performances on screen or camera. Often the central character in my videos and photographs, I “perform identities”. Of Chinese-Singaporean descent, my simultaneous ‘Australian-ness’ and ethnicity provide the departure point for my video and photographic performances, in which I attempt to portray varying shades of ‘white’ or ‘asian-ness’. From Picnic in Hanging Rock’s Miranda to the infamous Japanese cannibal and minor celebrity Issei Sagawa, I don a dead-pan demeanor and ill-fitting wigs (sometimes) in order to reflect the tensions between the individual and their society, the multicultural and monocultural and the marginalised versus the status quo.


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