Expanded Cinema includes some of the most innovative and challenging artworks of modern times. Experimental film, multi-screen projections, artists’ video and live performance inside and outside the gallery space, all explore cinema beyond the single screen. Leading scholars from Europe and North America trace the field from its origins in early abstract film right up to the digital age. Insightful essays explore post-war happenings and live events in Europe and the US, the first experiments with video and multi-media, the fusion of multi-screen installations with dance, sonic art and music and current practices employing digital manipulation and the internet. Featuring new interviews with key artists, the book also makes available previously unpublished artists’ texts and manifestos alongside extensive illustrations, making it an essential resource for all those interested in video, performance, film and media art.

The book followed the AHRC-funded Narrative Exploration in Expanded Cinema research project.

editors: David Curtis, A.L. Rees, Duncan White and Steven Ball

contributors: Steven Ball, Mark Bartlett, David Curtis, Noam M. Elcott, Catherine Elwes, VALIE EXPORT, Jackie Hatfield, Nicky Hamlyn, Birgit Hein, Malcolm Le Grice, Chris Meigh-Andrews, Jonas Mekas, Karen Mirza and Brad Butler, Werner Nekes, Annabel Nicolson, Michael O’Pray, Stephen Partridge, William Raban, A.L. Rees, Lis Rhodes, Lucy Reynolds, Carolee Schneemann, Guy Sherwin and Lynn Loo, Yvonne Spielmann, Stan Vanderbeek, Peter Weibel, Chris Welsby, Duncan White, Jonathan Walley and Maxa Zoller.

Paperback: 320 pages
Tate Publishing
ISBN 978 1 85437 974 0