Thursday 3 May – Saturday 26 May 2012

Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in partnership with ZKM|Center for Art and Media (Karlsruhe), the Goethe-Institut (London) and British Artists’ Film and Video Study Collection.
Mischa Kuball works with the socio-political dimensions of light across a range of gallery exhibitions and public space projects. In Platon’s Mirror, Kuball draws upon one of the most influential stories within European aesthetics: Plato’s allegory of the cave from Book 7 of The Republic in which the philosopher draws a distinction between two forms of reality: the reality of the visible world and the reality of ideas.

Kuball presents a simple yet highly effective installation incorporating projectors, silver foil, photography and video to create a perceptual and experiential space analogous to that of Plato’s cave. In doing so he translates the complex relationships between light source, reflection, silhouettes, and representation into seemingly endless stages of mediation, within which reality is continually re- constituted as the reality of its reflection.

“Mischa Kuball. Platon’s Mirror” at CSM is part of an international touring programme across fifteen international venues, including MNAC (Bucarest), MCA (Belgrade), Stadtische Kunsthalle (Dusseldorf), Artspace (Sydney), ZKM (Karlsruhe) and Central Saint Martins (London).
In summer 2011, parallel to the exhibition, a collection of critical essays, Platon’s Mirror, edited by Andreas Beitin, and Blair French and designed by Christoph Keller will be published by Walther König Books. With texts by: Andreas Beitin, Hans Belting, Horst Bredekamp, Bazon Brock, Martina Dobbe, Leonhard Emmerling, Blair French, Ursula Frohne / Christian Katti, Wulf Herzogenrath, Friedrich Kittler, Friedhelm Mennekes, Hans Ulrich Reck, Yukiko Shikata, Peter Sloterdijk , Bernhard Waldenfels, Peter Weibel, John C. Welchman, and Duncan White.

Lethaby Gallery, 1 Granary Square, London NA1 4AA