7 TV Pieces

by Hall, David

Film: 16mm 1971

Visual Research Centre DCA: The Formative Years

A selection of pieces broadcast during the Edinburgh Festival 1971. The first piece features the gradual burning of a TV set standing in a traditionally framed landscape; the occasional cut is accompanied by black spacing and a voice saying `interruption' on the soundtrack. The second piece is a study of moving clouds in timelapse and the sound of wind in a suburban landscape with bleeps drawing attention to the edits. The third piece shows a close up of a tap filling a transparent tank and emptying again. The fourth piece is a timelapse look at people watching a film on TV. The fifth show a cityscape from the back of a van the camera pans left to right across the same scene repetitiously. The sixth piece shows a group of filmmakers filming one another on a city street. The final piece shows a filmmaker sitting still under studio lights, his camera on a table in front of him, and a small windmill model.

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Also exhibited as an installation in Dundee


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