Another Place

by Dalziel, Matthew, Scullion, Louise

Dvd 2000

Puchaced 2000, assistance from, NFA/Scottish AC/ Friends of Aberdeen Art Gallery and MuseumsAberdeen City Art Gallery. Figuring Landscapes

Residents of the Aberdeenshire village of St Combs pose in front of the coastal landscape they inhabit. Their steady gaze projects a sense of history and belonging, and challenges viewers to declare their own provenance. But how many of us can unequivocally answer the stock question “…and where do you come from?”

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The work consists of a series of video portraits filmed in the northeast of Scotland. Eight people from the Aberdeenshire village of St Combs took part in the piece, each displaying an unusual level of self-containment and a clear affinity with their environment. The film considers a non-urban way of life that takes notice of ‘reoccurring patterns, that once sensed become hypnotic, almost addictive to those exposed.’ The work captures the extraordinary light quality of the Aberdeenshire coast; it is slowed down to a fifth of its original speed and is accompanied by an ambient soundtrack. Dalziel + Scullion


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