Civil Disobedience

by Raban, William

Film:35mm, video 2004


A rapid time-lapse journey from the Houses of Parliament to the open sea, offset by David Cunningham's musical score composed from fragments of Thatcher’s Belgrano speech.Music by David Cunningham.

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A car journey from the heart of the capital to the sea is achieved, by means of time-lapse film,in just a few minutes.The vertiginous flight to the coast is accompanied by a pulsating soundtrack in which Margaret Thatcher’s speech justifying the sinking of the Argentinian battleship Belgrano in the Falklands War is sampled and reformatted by the composer David Cunningham. Ra¬ban seeks to engage the senses but also the imaginative participation of the viewer. As the artist remarked, ‘making films is about showing people things, not telling them how to interpret the world.’ Catherine Elwes Time – actual, illusory and projected – is a thematic thread that unites a diverse port-folio of work. In his early films, Raban locks himself and the viewer into the rhythmic, clockwork materiality of film cameras and projectors in an attempt to pin down some-thing that could be described as now. As the artist says, tied to the pulse of the clicking shutter, ‘time becomes real’. Catherine Elwes excerpt from ‘Thoughts on Screen: the Films of William Raban’, Vertigo 2, no. 8 (Spring/Summer 2005)


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