by Honey, Tammy


Figuring Landscapes

Australian beach culture underpins national identity and here, a young iPod performer sings over a muted pop song framed by the glorious coastline in Port Phillip Bay where the Australian Impressionists forged the first nationalist art movement.

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The great Australian tradition of ‘the beach’ is a theme reflected throughout contemporary Australian society beginning with the first ‘true’ Australian art movement of Australian Impressionism.The iconographic nature of beach as space of leisure encouraging healthy pastimes reassures our national attachment to this somewhat stereographical representation to such an extent that what defines us as a nation will categorically include depictions of the Australian shoreline. Part of a wider ongoing project iLandscape, this particular work features my fascination with iPod and MP3 culture as a means of private voyeurism in public places; everyone is a rock star when the obviously blatant attempt of acting-out rock-star status is, in fact, an often very public display of bad singing inspiring quiet ridicule. iBeach is filmed on locations of Australian Impressionist day camps along the Port Phillip Bay region in Melbourne. It combines my interest in public ridicule and a preoccupation with beach-life – have you ever seen a mob of randy, pissed beach-going teenagers on a beach in Melbourne understanding the cultural significance of where they are??? Tammy Honey, 2008


Thumbnail for i-Beach Dual Channel (2007)