next six minutes, the

by Ball, Steven

Video 2002

self funded
• Pulsar Caracas, Venezuela, October 2006 • Take 291, 291 Gallery, Hackney, UK, September 2005 • Rencontres Internationales Paris, France & Berlin, Germany, February/November 2003. • Lux Open, London, UK, April 2003

Inner-city London on a Sunday in March, the view from the twenty-first floor collides with sound to image to sound experiments in a fast rhythmic mix. Becoming a fragmented montage as digital aphasia collapses into abstracted spatio-temporal articulation. The video is divided into 3 roughly unequal sections. Each is prefaced by a scratched/scrubbed sequence of the dvmaker saying something, however due to the scrubbing only a few gasps of words emerge. These are then followed by rhythmic, repetitive and energetic scratched images of the exterior inner-urban landscape and colourful abstraction. The editing is very fast, often single frame, building rhythms through repetitive and shifting looping passages. The sound utilises the clicks and whirrs of digital inteference. The overall effect is as much musical as it is narrative, indeed sound plays an integral and equal role to the image.


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