Static No. 10 (falling as a means of rising)

by Crooks, Daniel


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Figuring Landscapes

By means of sophisticated digital ‘time-slicing’, Crooks unravels our notion of the time-space continuum and hints at hidden rhythms in the landscape as well as deeper levels of human subjectivity.

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Thin slices are extracted from a moving image stream and then recombined using temporal and spatial displacement creating videos of frozen moments that move.This process triggers a perceptual shift in our viewing of the space/time continuum graphically revealing the underlying rhythms and patterns of the physical world and tracing the rhythms of our navigation through it. In earlier works, Crooks’s methodical linear segmentation takes the banality of the urban landscape and transforms it into a series of reshuffled memories. His ‘time-slices’ recon-textualise aspects of the landscape and any figures in it, suggesting new configura¬tions and relationships, leaving us with a sense of time and place unravelling into other dimensions. Pat Hoffie


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