by Cran, Roz


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Figuring Landscapes

An absurdist humour combines with a serious attempt to “get closer to things in the world” by physically embodying a feature of the landscape, by becoming a stone.

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Animal, vegetable, mineral is a body of work comprising 3 videos: Tree, Stone, Interview(pig) together with a bookwork of 5 zigzags. These attempt to get closer to things in the world by making room for a shifted experience. A character forms, I make a costume, choose a site for something to happen. I took the stone costume to the Rockery in Preston Park, Brighton, a place I wanted to go as a child. The first photos and video footage were reviewed, the costume adapted and repainted to suit the surroundings. It was cold and damp inside but peaceful. In 2007 I turned things round, chose a site as the starting point for a Residency on an Allotment. The project Breaking Ground was supported by a NAN New Collaborations Bursary (I worked alongside a fellow artist), and used the construct of a School for Artists to broach relations with place, with vegetables, birds. These ideas were developed during a Residency at University of Brighton Printmaking Department in February 2008. The otherness of things in the world, issues of identity and sanity continue to fascinate.


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