Winter Light

by Dahlgren, Sofia


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Figuring Landscapes

I am interested in reverie as a state of mind. While being conscious and creative during reverie one can explore imaginary worlds, which exist between dreams and reality. Also through consciousness there is a communication between the dreamed world and reality.

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My work concerns the perception of reality from a dream┬Člike state of mind and the relationship between the internal and external. I am using the idea of the landscape not only as a symbol or metaphor for a psychological state of mind but also as a means to experience an imaginary place.A significant part of my work takes place in the process of editing. I manipulate the footage in terms of detail and abstraction, light and darkness and with special effects. I work with a variety of media including video, painting and sculp-ture. My video work references symbolic landscape paintings of the 19th and 20th century, in relation to an exploration of imagination, dreams and the timelessness of landscapes.This period interests me due to my growing desire to express emotional and psychological states of mind.The minimal movement and continuous tape loop creates a magical, mysterious world somewhere in the subconscious. In my examination of the relationship between painting and video, I manipulate footage to provoke emotional responses and challenge expectations. Sofia Dahlgren, 2008


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